Meet The Team

We strive to deepen our understanding of genomics and create next-generation technologies


With a team of CRISPR pioneers and drug discovery experts, the LGR is positioned to further the field of functional genomics by employing CRISPR technologies to deepen our understanding of genetics and accelerate the discovery of new medicines.

Meet the Team

From differentiating iPSCs into neurons to establishing protocols for automated screens, our versatile team of scientists, engineers, and operations specialists work hand-in-hand to ensure projects at the LGR run smoothly and are well supported.

Our Team

Amy Chang
UC-LGR Research Specialist
Brandon Kwan-Leong
UC-LGR Automation Engineer
Bryan Cunningham
UC-LGR Lab Operations Manager
Carolyn Selenski
GSK-LGR Scientific Operations Director
Dehua Zhao
GSK-LGR Investigator
Ebony Jennings
UC-LGR Administrative Analyst
Eric Chow
UC-LGR Head of Technology
Gunisha Arora
LGR-GSK Senior Scientist
Juliet Su
UC-LGR Research Project Manager
Kaivalya Shevade
UC-LGR Research Specialist
Kwontae You
GSK-LGR Investigator
Laralynne Przybyla
UC-LGR Head of Biology
Lauren Enriquez
UC-LGR Staff Research Associate
Yasmin Moshfegh
Bioinformatics Programmer III

Our Team

Angela Yang
LGR-GSK Investigator
Marcus Li
UC-LGR Research Specialist
Maxine Wang
UC-LGR Scientific Operations Manager
Monica Ravanello
UC-LGR IP Officer
Namjin Chung
UC Scientific Director
Olivia Roberson
UC-LGR Alliance Manager
Phuong Nguyen
UC-LGR Staff Research Associate
Rachel Mace
Staff Research Associate
Rustam Esanov
GSK-LGR Investigator
Sailaja Peddada
UC-LGR Research Specialist
Samira Yitiz
UC-LGR Staff Research Associate
Scot Federman
UC-LGR Bioinformatics Programmer
Seok-Jin Heo
UC-LGR Research Specialist
Shawn Shafer
GSK Scientific Director
Shivani Chopra
LGR - GSK Senior Scientist
Volkan Sevim
GSK-LGR Computational Biologist
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