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Jalyn Sandiford

LGR-GSK Associate Scientist

Jalyn Sandiford currently works as an Associate Scientist at the LGR. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Biology focused on Vertebrate and Physiology. She worked in two labs at Penn Sate; a Nutritional Epidemiology Lab that evaluated the effects of REM Sleep Disorders on cardiovascular diseases primarily focusing on strokes, an Anthropological Genetics Lab that studied scalp hair texture to uncover human diversity and teamed up with Walt Disney to help design facial variation including human diversity using Medusa, Anyma, and iris photos. Her primary research was done at the University of Minnesota in which she conducted her Honors Thesis in a Hematology and Oncology Lab where she conducted an exploratory study examining the protein Gas6 as a possible target protein to treat inflammation in sickle cell disease and myeloproliferative neoplasm (polycythemia vera) by nucleofecting HUVEC cells and analyzing proteins using ELISA and western blot.

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