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Uniting CRISPR pioneers with industry expertise to help unravel mysteries of the human genome

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"The LGR is about building that space where creative science is partnered with the development of robust technology that will help develop tomorrow’s drugs." — Dr. Jennifer Doudna
The Laboratory for Genomics Research (LGR) is a novel hybrid model that brings together drug discovery and academic researchers under a single roof working on projects both together and independently. The outputs of these research projects will be focused on technologies, new drug targets and biological mechanisms that will help foster both academic and industrial advances. The LGR will push the boundaries of functional genomics research and also create next-generation technologies that will become future standard practice.
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Accomplishments To Date

  • January 2021: Built and validated core suite of CRISPRi/a cell lines
  • March 2021: Computational pooled screen analysis pipeline deployed
  • July 2021: First in-house FACS-based screen completed
  • August 2021: Arrayed Screening platform build completed
  • August 2021: Generation of transferable genome-wide CRISPRi library
  • October 2021: First single cell functional genomics screen completed
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Our Roadmap


May 2019:
Collaboration agreement signed

October 2019:
Inaugural LGR symposium

April 2020:
First wave of university-funded projects to support Covid research

July 2020:
First collaborative project initiated

October 2020:
First genome-wide screen completed


August 2021:


Transferable CRISPRi library

Computational pipeline?

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What we're about

To advance our scientific understanding of the relationship between genes and disease to help find better medicines faster.

To build a space where creative science is partnered with the development of robust technology that will help develop tomorrow’s drugs.

Our Goals

  • Build advanced CRISPR-based genome editing and functional genomics platforms that are enhanced by human genetics and computational biology
  • Discover novel drug targets with high probability of success and expand our knowledge of the human genome in various disease contexts
  • Innovate and industrialize CRISPR functional genomics to provide world-class technology solutions and research tools to UC, GSK, and the broader scientific community.
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Joining forces to advance genomic research and improve drug discovery
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The Start

The LGR is the brainchild of Professor Jennifer Doudna, UCB, a co-inventor of CRISPR technology and HHMI Investigator, 2020 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry; Professor Jonathan Weissman, UCSF, a pioneer of CRISPR screening technology and HHMI Investigator; and Dr. Hal Barron, Former Chief Scientific Officer and President, R&D, GSK. The five-year collaboration to establish a state-of-the-art laboratory for CRISPR technologies was announced in June 2019. Since our founding, we have set in motion several collaborative projects between UC & GSK across different disease areas as well as funded multiple independent university research projects at both UCSF and UC Berkeley.
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Our Founders

Jonathan Weissman
MIT Professor of Biology, Member of Whitehead Institute
Jennifer Doudna
CRISPR Co-Inventor, UC Berkeley Professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics & Structural biology, 2020 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry
Dr. Hal Barron
Former GSK Chief Scientific Officer and President of R&D
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