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Carolyn Selenski

LGR-GSK Scientific Operations Director

Carolyn Selenski, PhD joined GSK in 2009 to begin her drug discovery journey working collaboratively in niche parts of the organization.  First discovering chemical probes for Epigenetic targets with the Structural Genomics Consortium then working in the Diseases of the Developing World to elucidate molecular mechanisms of Malaria/ TB using various ‘eomic technologies with academic collaborators funded by the Gates Foundation.  In 2017 she worked in Galvani Bioelectronics working in neuromodulation and witnessed the integration of two companies and the creation of a new culture built on innovation, partnership and transparency.  In 2018, she transitioned to a two-year Operations role with ViiV HC for the first long-acting injectable for the treatment of HIV-1 infection. Carolyn is the Director of Scientific Operations for GSK at the LGR in San Francisco and is currently focusing on collaborative project processes, culture, and communications.

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