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Namjin Chung

UC Scientific Director

Namjin Chung is the Director of the LGR and Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics at UCSF. Namjin comes with sixteen years of R&D experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and a passion for applying genomic and genetic technologies to drug discovery and development to bring genomic medicines to patients with unmet medical needs. He is a strong believer in "the awesome power of" functional genomics in threading together such revolutionary technologies as human genetics, NGS, AI/ML, and CRISPR, and transforming the way pharmaceutical R&D is done for ever by expanding our knowledge into vastly unknown domains of the human genome. Previously, Namjin was the founding Head of Functional Genomics at AbbVie, an enterprise-wide CRISPR genome editing and screening platform, Group Leader at Bristol Myers Squibb, and Sr. Scientist at Merck. Namjin received his PhD in Molecular Cancer Biology from Duke and postdoctoral training at MIT. When his mind is not on functional genomics, he likes to spend his time on staying close with nature (oceans, mountains & rivers), tinkering with his home (hammers, drills & saws), or learning about the science behind cooking and human-food interactions.

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