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Kwontae You

Former LGR-GSK Investigator

Kwontae You joined LGR as a former GSK Investigator in Aug 2021. Kwontae has broad experience and knowledge in molecular cell biology and functional genomics, including cancer biology, stem cell biology, and inflammatory diseases. He received his Ph.D. in molecular pathology by studying tumor-specific antigen generation mechanisms. Then, he joined Broad Institute as a postdoc co-advised by Ramnik Xavier and Aviv Regev. He successfully accomplished the target discovery project from the screening to the identification of MOA by leveraging the CRISPR and single-cell tools. Kwontae is interested in technology development and establishing iPSC-based ex vivo model systems, which will open up a new field of research. And Kwontae believes that he will be able to demonstrate his strengths in the area of early-stage drug targets discovery.

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